Looper's Delight Compilation Volume 3/ V.A.
LDCD3 (CD only)
1st December 2005 Release / $16.00 $14.79 (incl.World Wide Shipping from Japan)
01 - Zoe Keating (U.S.A.) We Insist 3:45
02 - andy butler (U.K.) ro-sham-bo 4:10
03 - Tony K / OVO (U.S.A.) Manifestations 4:08
04 - Krispen Hartung (U.S.A.) Groovy Space Faring Machine 4:12
05 - ghost7 (U.S.A.) nature fights back 4:45
06 - The Coyote Loops! (U.S.A.) Excerpt From 'The Long Dance' 5:01
07 - UNDO/David Kirkdorffer (U.S.A.) Celexa & Effexor 4:00
08 - XISTH infotainment (U.K.) Infinity (edit) 4:03
09 - Stephen Parsick and Markus Reuter (Germany) Orange Moon Excerpt (for Ina) 3:57
10 - Phasmatodea (U.S.A.) Nesting Shelters 3:53
11 - Sunao Inami (Japan) Sink 4:11
12 - Electric Bird Noise (U.S.A.) We Share More Than My Fathers Last Name 2:33
13 - Mark Francombe (Norway) Mogadishu 3:52
14 - Fabio Anile (Italy) In a land of stars 3:48
15 - Boysen-Wagner Duo (Sweden/Switzerland) I'll Be On That Hill 3:29
16 - Scott kungha Drengsen (U.S.A.) Learning to walk means falling 4:02
17 - Michael Plishka (U.S.A.) Overwhelmed By You (A Haiku For Kathy) 3:49

Organized by Sunao Inami (CAVE Studio/electr-ohm/C.U.E.)
Artwork and Sound Mastering by Sunao Inami
Special Thanks to Kim Flint (Looper's Delight)

Released 2005 by electr-ohm

Zoe Keating (U.S.A.)
Zoë Keating is a Canadian cellist and composer based in San Francisco. She layers the natural sound of the cello to create densely textured, rhythmically and melodically rich landscapes of sound.
Zoë studied cello at the Eastman School of Music, Sarah Lawrence College and the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole in Italy. Since 1995 she has focused on non-classical cello, improvisation and composiiton. She has worked with musicians like Rasputina, DJ Shadow, Tarentel and John Vanderslice and writes music for film, including "Frozen Angels" which premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

cello, Electrix Repeater, Ableton Live

website: http://www.zoekeating.com

andy butler (U.K.)

Andy Butler was given a plywood bass guitar for his 15th birthday, and joined his first band 2 weeks later. Since then he has always played original music, whether fronting a jazz band with his bass, playing classical guitar, or even playing drums.
Now he plays guitar and loops it, having just released a cd called 'livelooping'.
More info at www.andybutler.com

2 x Echoplex Digital Pro, with Loop4 software
Lexicon Vortex
Hofner SG copy guitar

  Tony K / OVO (U.S.A.)

Tony K / OVO is a group consisting of brothers Tony and Dan, and friends Bernice and Patrick, who collaborate and produce strange and wonderful sonic explorations.

Lyrics and voice: Dan Layman-Kennedy.
Additional vocalization: Bernice Greer.
Additional synths: Patrick Greer.

Instruments and loop gears : Brian Moore iGuitar, Ibanez Bass, Roland GR50,Roland D50, Line6 DL4,
Roger Linn Adrenalinn, Boss DD-20, Boss RC20XL,Digitech RP2000, Alesis Bitrman, Philter, MetaVox, Digitech PDS1002

Website: http://www.thinginajar.com/bigtony/music.htm

Krispen Hartung (U.S.A.)
Krispen Hartung's 28-year musical background is an experimental and continuously evolving road trip marked by many excursions and detours - from classical guitar, progressive rock, and world-beat, to fusion, traditional jazz, and avant-garde. In 1993, after leading a series of traditional and jazz fusion groups, Hartung began studying the method of real-time looping. Since then, he has become one of the North West's (USA) most accomplished real-time looping artists and Idaho's leading member of the international looping community Looper's Delight. Hartung's debut solo CD "Places" was released for sale world-wide in April of 2004 and consists of a series of colorful, innovative, and thought/mood provoking looping compositions that he improvised and recorded on the spot in one take.

As a result of his diverse background and studies, Hartung now exhibits a dynamic and atypical performance style that integrates multiple genres and gives unique meaning to the world of improvisational acoustic guitar. His most recent CD releases are 1) a free improvisational work entitled "Live at the Kulture Klatsch" , featuring didjeridu artist and percussionist Vincent Miresse, 2) his second solo CD, "Descent to Self",a collection of improvised and computer-based avant-garde compositions, and 3) "Xperimentus", a collaborative project comprised of duo compositions of he and 13 other looping artists from around the world.

Krispen performs frequently at venues that foster artistic expression and diverse human discourse, such as coffee shops, art and music festivals, art galleries, and art exhibits.

"Groovy Space Faring Machine" was freely improvised recorded live on August 17, 2005 from a performance streamed live to the web from Krispen Hartung's home studio.

Instruments: Paul Reed Smith "McCarty" hollow body electric guitar
Loop Gear: Two Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro units, Boss VF-1, Lexicon LXP-5, Lexicon LXP-1

Website: http://www.krispenhartung.com
Email: info@krispenhartung.com

ghost7 (U.S.A.)
Take a 4-string bass and mutate, destroy, and reassemble cascading layers of sound. It's the dream you had just before you woke.

"I don't really have a genre-- how about "music for films that don't exist." ghost 7 draws from diverse sources including Jamaican dub virtuoso Scientist, the Durutti Column, and a Japanese improvisational wizard named Uchihashi. Pressed further, ghost 7 names Squarepusher, Nick Cave, DJ Shadow, Hood and John Coltrane as currently in heavy rotation around his house.


The Coyote Loops! (U.S.A.)
The Coyote Loops! is the ambient/looping arm of Douglas Baldwin.
He's been playing guitar since 1968. His writings can be found in Guitar One magazine and his first book, "Play Guitar By Ear," is to be released by Hal Leonard Publications in January of 2006.
"The Long Dance" is a work that Douglas has been performing for twenty years. Douglas can be found walking Trevor on the beach of Sound Beach, then going home to his wife Debbie, their son Taylor,and their three cats: Alfie, Veronica, and Emelia. If you are on the north shore of Long Island, you will find that Echo Avenue leads to Sound Beach.

UNDO/David Kirkdorffer (U.S.A.)
UNDO is the name David Kirkdorffer uses for his solo performances and recordings.
Kirkdorffer was born in London, England and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

David Kirkdorffer plays “Unguitar” – a term he coined in 1990 to describe his approach to guitar. “With UNDO I play guitar, but what you hear doesn’t really sound like a guitar as I use little pedals and delays to make very un-guitar-like sounds – hence the name, unguitar."

The track “Celexa & Effexor” is a very lush and at times almost orchestral example of Kirkdorffer’s approach. Themes slowly evolve and intertwine, allowing listeners to use the music as a soundtrack to the images playing in their head.

“I like if listeners have their own mental imagery to accompany their experience of this music. I like to slow things down. The time between when things happen makes this magical space I like to hold open as long as I can.”

Free downloads of more UNDO music is at: http://music.download.com/undo
For information about other UNDO releases, please contact UNDO at UNSTRUNGONE@YAHOO.COM.
XISTH infotainment (U.K.)
Xizth: Who is he, what is he ?
Some say he’s a shaman, others say he’s a dreamer.
Some say he’s a vacuum cleaner. Most say nothing at all.

Recorded live in May 2005.

Personnel: G Joyce - guitar, boxes, 2 x Echoplex Digital Pro +, more boxes.

Contact: magneticdwarfreptile@yahoo.com

Stephen Parsick and Markus Reuter (Germany)

Stephen Parsick: stephen@parsick.com
Rhodes Piano, Steel Tamboura, Electrix Repeater, maxxed-out Oberheim EDP(x2), maxxed-out Lexicon Jam Man, Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, treatments and processing, ambient field recordings.

Markus Reuter: markus@centrozoon.de
Warr TSG-8 Touch Guitar, maxxed-out Oberheim EDP (x2), Boss GT-5,treatments.

Stephen (born in 1972) got into electronic music at a very early age and started playing piano, synthesizers, and keyboards at the age of ten. After various cassette releases, he produced his first CD in collaboration with Lambert Ringlage and went on to found his own outlet for electronic music in1996.
This band is called [Šðamp] and features Stephen Parsick and Frank Makowski who -- in 2002 -- started exploring their own form of dark ambient music, called "doombient", after several releases that were firmly rooted in the traditional EM style of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. They both got to know Markus through his collaboration with Ian Boddy. In 2000, [Šðamp]collaborated with Markus for the first time, resulting in the pending release of a collaborative album. In September of 2003, Stephen recorded Orange Moon with Markus assistance as an afterthought to an extremely hot and dry summer, the hottest Germany had seen for several decades. Being a trained keyboard player, Stephen tried himself on stringed instruments for the first time,blending his Steel Tamboura drones with MarkusŠžethereal Touch Guitar timbres.

"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly." (Thom Yorke/Radiohead -- "Paranoid Android")

"Hoellenengel" -- new album by Stephen Parsick, street date October 1, 2005.
For info and audio, please check http://www.parsick.com

Coming soon: "oughtibridge", the new [Šðamp] album, recorded live in England.
For info and audio, please visit the official [Šðamp] website at http://www.doombient.com

WTB: "EnglandŠ� Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (Coil, Current93, Nurse With Wound, David Tibet).


Phasmatodea (U.S.A.)
Phasmatodea: a not-so-ambient dual/duel Chapman Stick improvisational soundscapes duo.

Instruments and loop gears:
Adrian Likins:Chapman Stick,Digitech PDS-8000, Line6 DL4
Steve Burnett:Chapman Stick,Boss RC-20 LoopStation, Akai Headrush

URL for the group website:
Sunao Inami (Japan)
Sunao started working with synthesizers when he was 13 years old. He has a huge knowledge of analog and digital synthesis and is a key figure in the field of wavetable synthesis. After playing in the post-new wave band CONTROLLED VOLTAGE in the early '90s, he built his own Internet servers and started creating improvised electronic music. In 1998, his 1st album was released by the Belgian label, SubRosa. In 2000, he participated in the Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) remix project "TECHNOPOLIS 2000-00". Sunao has toured extensively in the past year, performing in Europe, the U.S. and Taiwan with other musicians and dancers, and around Japan. He also performs twice monthly in a live studio webcast series entitled "Live from Far East" and has done over 65 such webcast gigs since 2002. He runs CAVE Studio, his own label "electr-ohm" and the electronica/noise label and shop "C.U.E. records" in Kobe.And he appears with the legendary Japanese band AUTO-MOD at Kobe Underground Festival. Sunao doing series event it called "mindscapes" at Apple Store Osaka and Nagoya,Japan.
Loop gears: NI Reaktor,AAS Tassman,Ableton Live by Powerbook G4 1.5GHz.
  Electric Bird Noise (U.S.A.)
we share more than my fathers last name:

....looper...casio keyboard.....looper.....bottles.....microphone....looper....chair...micro
phone.....looper....wall...microphone......looper....bass guitar

contact: enat21213@aol.com

also available:

soundtrack from the motion picture the pace

unleashing the inner robot

Mark Francombe (Norway)
Mark Francombe has been involved in experimental music since the age of 14. Being ever so slightly too young for the Punk Rock explosion, he cites his epiphany as Cabaret Voltaire's "Nag Nag Nag" which immediately had him experimenting with tape recorders, building obscure musical circuits, and starting to play the guitar badly. The result became "Uncle Ian", the modest and unassuming name for the theatrical multimedia band that played along the South Coast of England during the 1980's. Employing video, film, pyrotechnics and umbrellas, the group faded during the early 90's as Marks other musical project Cranes were signed to BMG and took most of his time. Cranes toured and recorded extensively, including support for the Cure on their 1992 “Wish tour”.

Leaving Cranes in 1997 to pursue his other interests in film, video and multimedia; he now works as an Art Director in a multimedia company. As well as making sculpture from small wooden boxes and found objects, he still finds time to compose and perform his own music, mainly consisting of �gheavily treated, modified, processed and improvised, baritone guitar�h. He distributes this stuff via small independent CDR labels including his own Synch Non Synch label and Oslo based Synesthetic Recordings.

He lives in Oslo, Norway, with his girlfriend, Hilde, in a little white wooden house from 1795, with a secret room, a scary cellar and sunflowers in the garden.

HYPERLINK www.markfrancombe.com
Fabio Anile (Italy)
Fabio Anile was born in Catania (Sicily-Italy) in 1970, where he studied classical piano for about ten years.
In Catania, Fabio played with different artists and bands and worked in different contests, from rock, to soundtracks, to sound installations.
The interest for the ambient music took Fabio to co-found an ambient duo called "Suite Verlaine", inspired to the aesthetic of Rimbaud, Verlaine and Boudelaire. The music was played live to furnish an experimental installation in an art gallery, in Catania, called "Fucktory".
In 1995, Fabio Anile released his first solo demo, entitled "ParallelaMente", a work of loop-based electro-acustic ambient music.
At the end of 1996, Fabio moved in Rome, where he's now living.
Here, Fabio co-founded an ambient/rock trio called "enoLogica", experiencing sonorous landscapes and looping techniques, on the topic of nature and the culture of the South of Italy. This band released two auto-producted CD works (enoLogica in 1998 and Cuglio Nero in 2002) and is currently active, playing live in art galleries and festivals.
In 2004, the growing interest for the looped music guided Fabio towards the eterogeneo solo project, with the attempt to play live looping music and to produce minimal ambient music, soundtracks, music for installations or similar art forms.
In the early 2005 started an artistic collaboration with Xavier Plàgaro Mussard, a spanish VJ, living in Rome. Together realized their first short film, entitled “First call from the moon”, about the Neil Armostrong’s speech from the moon.

Instruments and loop gear used in this song: Korg X-3; Electrix Repeater, Boss DD-20
Web site: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/eterogeneo/
e.mail: fabio.anile@tiscali.it
free downloads: http://music.download.com/eterogeneo/
Boysen-Wagner Duo (Sweden/Switzerland)
Per Boysen and Bernhard Wagner are both active members of the live-looping
community. They met online and performed together at the Norberg Festival,
Sweden, in the summer of 2004. In Stockholm, they recorded live sessions as
a duo of which "I'll Be On That Hill" forms part. Stay tuned for more music
of this duo to be released!.
URL: http://nosuch.biz/boysen-wagner

Per Boysen:
custom built Stratocaster style guitar,cello bow,glass bottleneck,Echoplex Digital Pro,AKAI MFC43 analog filter bank,laptop computer running Ableton Live
URL: http://www.looproom.com

Bernhard Wagner:
Ibanez Roadstar II Series Guitar,glass bottleneck,Echoplex Digital Pro Plus,Lexicon MPX G2,Boss OC-2, CS-2, DD-5,Ibanez TS808
URL : http://nosuch.biz
Scott kungha Drengsen (U.S.A.)
Scott loves playing bass . And this song/improvisation (unlike alot of his work) sounds very much like a bass. He has done two CD's "Basscapes", and "Mourning Guests Who Never Arrived". With a 3rd "Unhoped for Arising" due to be printed soon.These can all be explored at CDBABY or ITUNES. He lives with his son Jaya and wife Jaimila in Northern California with 2 EDP's,a DL-6,an Eclipse,4 fretless basses and a doubleneck.

Michael Plishka (U.S.A.)
Michael Plishka's compositions are melodic, entrancing and diverse.
His music is not for those who simply want background refrains.
His songs are for those that want to reflect upon, enjoy and experience life and love through aural experiences that touch the soul.
Plishka, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is currently recording his next full length CD while performing throughout the Midwest.
Glimpses of Space and time, illuminated by flickers of light.Experience:
Michael Plishka.

Instruments and loop gears:
Fender Squire Strat; Visual Sound H20 LiquidChorus & Echo; Korg D1200 Digital Recording Studio; Boomerang Plus.


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